GTA Online: Bikers Adding Player-Made Biker Gangs

The next major update has been announced as GTA Online: Bikers will introduce the ability for players to form motorcycle clubs and establish dominance across Los Santos and Blaine County.


The Bikers update will allow up to eight players to form their own Motorcycle Club, complete with MC Clubhouses to own, custom biker mechanics, new business ventures to run, new co-op and competitive modes, and of course new bikes to add to your garage. MC’s can also work alongside CEOs and Corporations in order to spread their influence, though a teased “high-level, high-risk vehicle-based business venture” will be announced later.

Joining an MC is not a complete requirement to enjoy Bikers according to the release, as new modes for bikers of all kinds and a variety of themed weapons, tattoos and styles will also be introduced to GTA Online to make the Bikers update “a huge addition to the world”.

A release date for Bikers has not yet been announced.

Our Thoughts

It was really only a matter of time before this sort of content arrived to GTA Online. Bikers sounds like the sort of update that will give players who don’t feel like running a criminal white-collar enterprise reason to join together and cause some mayhem. We can’t wait to hear more details!

Your Thoughts

What do you think of the incoming Bikers update? Is this the sort of content you were hoping to see in GTA Online? Tell us your thoughts in our comments.

Source: Press release

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