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Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Expansion Revealed

In case you weren’t one of the nearly 80,000 people watching the Twitch stream live here’s a recap of everything that was announced during the Guild Wars 2 panel at PAX South.

First off, it is indeed the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. This was repeated several times so we know we’re looking forward to more in the future. Heart of Thorns will feature a little bit of something for everyone.



Train with the races of the Maguuma Jungle to learn all new skills in the end game progression system called Masteries. Examples given were hang gliders which will allow you to travel through three vast levels of the jungle. The other was learning languages to uncover hidden new areas and secrets of unknown races.

Gw2 Heart of Thorns Ships

Legendary Weapons

The curse of finding a precursor is no more. Collections will allow you to hunt the world, gathering items and crafting them to create the precursor for the legendary you’ve always wanted. But that isn’t all! Brand new legendary weapons and precursors will be coming.


Profession Specializations

Professions will progress further than ever before with all new weapon options to become the most epic version of their profession that they can be. The example given by Colin Johanson was Druids. Rangers will be able to pick up a Staff and become a Druid. Another example seen in the trailer is a Charr Engineer with little helicopter drones carrying a hammer. And, as has been teased in the living story for some time Necromancers will get greatswords. Specializations will give you new skills, a new heal, new utilities, a new elite, and more.


Revenant Profession

A new class is coming to Guild Wars 2! Revenant is filling the hole in Heavy Armor, and the very first one is Rytlock Brimstone himself who is back from the mists and more epic than ever. Revenants will channel legendary powers from the mists to defeat foes, taking on characteristics of legendary heroes of old.

GW2 Heart of Thorns Revenant

World Vs World

WvW isn’t being forgotten in Heart of Thorns. A new borderland map will be added that makes keeping and controlling locations more important than ever. Keeping control of areas will give advantages such and faster travel thanks to lava streams.



A new Stronghold mode is being introduced for PvP fans. In this mode players can hire troops and earn heroes to aid in the fight against the enemy guild lord. Which brings us to the final feature…


Guild Halls

Guild Halls will act as staging areas, places for groups to gather and grow. There weren’t many details about them released but it is one of the most exciting features none the less.


And that is it! The basics of the PAX South Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns panel. The FAQ on the site states that the expansion will be buy to play. More details will be released as the launch date approaches. Which sadly is something we found out very early on in the panel that we would not be told. Keep an eye on and the Heart of Thorns website for more information.

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