Guild Wars 2 Outlines World Restructuring Plans for WvW

When it comes to PvP, there’s nothing worse than waiting around for a match to start or finding out that your playtime is apparently not the peak playtime for the majority of the globe. In light of these matters, ArenaNet has outlined a series of planned WvW world restructuring plans to make WvW PvP A-OK. LOL.

wvw world restructuring

In spite of the fact that world linking has made WvW populations closer, there’s still a missing sense of granularity in the current system to make players form up closer. As a result, the new system will remove players from their specific worlds and will place them in new worlds every eight weeks.

How do players get sorted? The system will take into account a variety of factors including WvW hours, Commander time, participation levels, and time of day among other variables. This should work out to have players of similar participation, skill and language play together. Incidentally, players won’t have a World to select once the new system is live, instead choosing either NA or Europe.

The system will also take into consideration players who like to enter WvW as a guild. Guild leaders simply have to specify that their guild is a WvW guild and the system will handle the rest. As for the individual player, you’ll have to assign only one of your enrolled guilds as your preference for WvW guild play. The system will also allow guilds to form up and create Alliances that can enter WvW skirmishes together, though what constitutes an Alliance in terms of size isn’t yet locked down.

It’s worth pointing out that the system in question is still being worked on and is expected to evolve over the course of testing. Additionally, there’s no timetable for this new system’s release and an apparent lot of work still remains to be done. That said, you can read up on the matter on the forums and are invited to provide feedback.

Our Thoughts

On paper, this whole system sounds like a great series of matchmaking adjustments to help WvW players line up for a match easier and swifter. That said, it will be interesting to see what algorithms take priority when lining PvPers up into a World and whether playstyles that don’t focus on outright damage will end up sifting to the bottom so to speak. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Source: official forums

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