Gwent Wants You to Kill The Servers (Again)

The Witcher’s online CCG is looking at its second round of stress testing with the upcoming Gwent Kill the Servers event starting tomorrow.


The stress test will allow PC players to rush the Gwent servers and play with some brand new pre-made decks in order to ensure the game’s infrastructure can hold up. Participation in the Kill the Servers event requires registration to the closed beta, though the stress test and closed beta test are two separate events.

Kill the Servers round 2 will begin on Tuesday, September 27th at 8pm CEST and runs until 12am CEST. A limited amount of keys are available and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis with additional keys being offered on the Gwent Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can enter your name in to the hat on the KtS site.

Our Thoughts

The Kill the Servers event is brief, but should ideally provide ample data for the Gwent developers and perhaps intrigue those curious about the CCG to try it out. We’re looking forward to seeing how this second stress test goes, and hope that at least one or two of us will get to play as well!

Your Thoughts

Were you able to take part in the first Kill the Servers event? Have you put your name in for a key? Give us your thoughts in our comments section.

Source: Twitter

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