H1Z1 Adding Female Avatars

John Smedley, CEO of the Daybreak Game Company, has taken to twitter to alert people that they are hoping to have female avatars in H1Z1 in the next fortnight.

Female Models

Unlike the sort of silliness that plagued Ubisofts Assassins Creed Unity where women were apparently too difficult to do, H1Z1 has the defense of being an Early Access title. So with that in mind, this is a sign of things progressing with development.

The female character models are described on the official blog as typical.

“The same goals for the male apply to the female: we chose a relatively typical looking character, a little on the athletic side.”

At the risk of being morbid, it is the zombie apocalypse. The slow die first, so it’s fair that everyone looks like they’ve been down the gym packing in the all important cardio.

H1Z1s Art Director Sebastian Strzalkowski added that in-game H1Z1 clothes will be basically the same, though modified slightly to fit each gender.

“If you find a pair of jeans in H1Z1 as a male PC and wear them, you’ll have the male version visually; if you find that same pair as a female PC, you’ll have the female version visually. The clothes will basically be the same slightly modified to fit each gender. Nothing will be restricted to either gender and there will always be a 1:1 equivalent for each one.”

So one more box ticked off on the development of H1Z1, we’ll wait and see what comes next for the apocalypse.

Source: Gamespot/Official Site

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