Halflings Arrive to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Today has some big news. ..well, half-big news. Somewhat short news? News that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Halflings are a thing. The reveal of the race to the MMORPG goes into great depth about how they were conceived and brought to life in-game.

pantheon: rise of the fallen halflings

When one thinks “Halfling”, Tolkien’s Hobbits almost immediately spring to mind. To that end, the devs knew that they had to design Pantheon’s Halflings differently. “The basis for Pantheon’s Halflings started when we asked, ‘What if they had a reason behind their appearance?’,” says lead writer Justin Gerhart. “Major inspiration for their flavoring came from [creative director Chris Perkins] simply saying, ‘I see a bit of the lost boys in them’. That really was the final push to get out of the lazy chair and live among this wild, paradoxical and joyful people.”

To drive home the connection between the Halflings and the land, designs of their equipment and their housing focused on using furs and leathers much like in tribal traditions and films like Hook. The blog post goes in to further and deeper details on the Halfling’s creation, so if you’re curious to learn about how game designers conceive things, be sure to go take a look.

Our Thoughts

It’s easy to make a change to an established fantasy race simply for the sake of making a change, but it looks like the folks behind Pantheon’s Halflings really thought things through to make them truly unique. Now we want to know when they’ll arrive in-game.

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