Happy Valentine’s day 2010 from Dekaron!

Happy Valentine’s day 2010 from Dekaron!

To celebrate Cupid’s favorite day of the year, the folks at Dekaron are putting on a 3 Special Events for all players!

The first 2 events are Valentine Day events running throughout the month.

The 3rd event is a Video Contest that ends next week!


1. Visit Pello at the Braiken Underground prison when the battle of WGC 2010 is held.
Everyone can watch the Battle by Observation System.
Don’t Forget to record it!
2. Upload your recorded video on YouTube.
Don’t forget the prefix [DEKARON WGC 2010] when you upload it!
3. After uploading your video on Youtube, Make a thread on Dekaron Fan Submissions (Movies& Fan Art & Fiction) forum.
– Create a thread with the prefix [WGC Video Contest], make sure to include,
1. YouTube Video URL / 2. Server Name / 3. Character Name / 4. Reward you would like to receive.
Or, Instead of just leaving the Youtube URL, Show the Video right on the Forum.

Please head over to their site for more information 🙂

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