Healer Classes Unveiled by Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

In any trinity MMO, or most MMOs for that matter, having healing skills is important if you want to see your way through most content in a group setting. So, the arrival of Pantheon healer classes to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen will be welcome to most group-minded folks. Or those of us who like to play healers. AKA “Tank Babysitters”.

pantheon healer

The three new healers are the Cleric, the Druid and the Shaman, complete with their usual breakdowns of some backstory, the races that can play the classes in question, and a little tidbit about how each healer operates.

Clerics build up a resource called Celestial Power by healing or aiding allies, along with abilities that either raise Celestial Power or spend it for the abilities to go off. If the Cleric stores up enough Celestial Power, they’ll establish a Celestial Bond that will Celestial Power cost abilities reduced by a percentage.

Druids use Mana as a resource, with most of their healing abilities coming from the expected use of nature magic. Druids also get a small white fox companion pet which can perform a variety of actions from applying heals over time to a targeted ally to reducing Nature and Fire resistances of a target.

Finally, Shamans have a resource known as Vision that builds when they use healing abilities on themselves and allies. When Vision is built up, the Shaman gets a buff to their spellcasting speed. Most of this class’ healing skills appear to focus on heal-over-time effects.

In addition to the greater breakdown of these three new healers, Pantheon fans can also get some more lore details about Giants, read a Q&A with senior programmer Jason Weimann, and get other progress details of the MMO’s development all in the newsletter.

Our Thoughts

Yay, healers! Seriously, plenty of us appreciate our healers if we don’t play them ourselves, and while the healer classes of Pantheon aren’t exactly mind-blowing in their uniqueness, they do sound on paper to be comfortable to play and beneficial to have.

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