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Hearthstone Arena Removing Multiple Cards from Draft

Balancing a competitive game is always a challenge, and a post regarding Hearthstone Arena mode has discussed just that. In the post, plans to remove a number of cards from Arena Draft were detailed.


The post in question is penned by associate game designer Dean Ayala. In it, he goes over how the team wants Arena to feel in comparison to the other modes and where it stands in terms of balance. “Our goal is that you can look at those choices and choose any class without feeling disadvantaged because of their difference in power level,” he writes.

To that point, a number of cards for almost all classes in Arena will be completely removed from Draft with the exception of Paladin. The purpose of removing the cards is twofold, according to Ayala; for balance and to make room for other cards. “We can remove lower-performing cards in order to make room for a class’ more commonly utilized cards to show up more often in your Arena draft,” reads the post. In addition to card removal, the team is considering other tactics such as adjusting how frequently certain cards arrive in draft as well as drafting by card rarity.

The full list of cards being excluded from Arena can be read here.

Our Thoughts

This seems one of those “So dumb it’s brilliant” kind of solutions; remove the cards that underperform and see what changes! We’re curious to know how much affect this move will be, but at the very least the Hearthstone devs are aware of the problems with Arena.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the cards that have been removed from Hearthstone Arena? Do you think there were some cards that should have been axed? Tell us your thoughts below.

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