Hearthstone Expansion Leaked Via Painted Mural

It is common knowledge by now that the next Hearthstone expansion will be announced March 11th. What we don’t yet know is the very nature of the announcement. With Blizzard’s usual cryptic hint telling us that: “Something inside the Tavern stirs . . .” many have already suggested that the theme could well be the Old Gods. Yet one Reddit user was not quite expecting to find artists painting a rather revealing mural ahead of tomorrow’s announcement on his way to work.

Yes, you read that right. It looks like the next Hearthstone expansion will indeed be titled “Whispers of the Old Gods” and it seems that Blizzard chose a new marketing technique that was sure to remain secret until the official announcement, right? Not quite. Reddit user That_Azzin posted the picture below to Reddit after seeing it on the way to work and the art certainly has all the trappings of a Hearthstone expansion. We don’t know what could be involved in this one just yet, of course, but seems legit to us.

Hearthstone Expansion hearthstone-whispers-of-the-old-gods-expansion-ccg-card-game-blizzard-entertainment-painted-mural

Guess that’s the cat out of the bag


Our Thoughts

While the painted mural is an awesome idea and looks fantastic (and before you say it, the user posted a zoomed out image as well), perhaps this wasn’t the best marketing idea if Blizzard wanted to keep their expansion announcement secret until the very last minute? That is unless they have an even bigger surprise to go along with this one? Either way, Hearthstone players – please step aboard, the hype train is leaving the station.

Source: Reddit


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