Hearthstone Global Games Features 48 Countries in $300k Tournament

An inaugural eSports contest intended to celebrate cooperation and teamwork has been announced. The Hearthstone Global Games will bring together 48 different countries as they face each other for a $300k prize pool.

Hearthstone Top MMO News: March 15, 2016

The top-ranked players from each country based on the Global Standings leaderboard will get an automatic invitation, while three additional players will be voted on by the community. Voting will be based on Hearthstone Competitive points, previous competitive results, and standing with the community. Voting is set to begin later.

Once the teams are set, qualifying will take place in three phases in a best-of-five class-versus-class format, with each team having nine unique classes. Once the qualifiers pare down the field to the best four teams, the Grand Finals will play out in a similar format in a single-elimination bracket. The top prize is $15k per individual player for a total of $60k for the team.

The Hearthstone Global Games is open for registration provided you live in one of the participating countries and follow eligibility requirements, which are spelled out in the official rules. Dates are yet to be announced, but current information about the Hearthstone Global Games can be found here.

Our Thoughts

Hearthstone’s answer to the Olympics sound like a great idea, and an eSports competition of 48 countries sounds like an epic contest. We’re very interested to see how it all shakes down as well as learning when the competition will be broadcast, of course!

Your Thoughts

Which players do you think should be considered for the Hearthstone Global Games? Are you looking forward to this tournament? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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