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Hearthstone For iOS and Android Phones Available Now

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now playable on your iOS and Android mobile phones. Though first announced back at PAX East we hadn’t heard too much about the port to mobile devices since so it’s a slight surprise to see it suddenly available. Not that we’re complaining or anything! I mean, now you can play Hearthstone wherever you go — assuming you have an internet signal — but Blizzard have added an indicator to show if you’re losing connection.

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The mobile iteration of the immensely popular card game features a completely redesigned UI making it playable on much smaller screens, and as with previous versions of the card game, your card collections will remain tied to your battle.net accounts. Blizzard have also announced that anybody who finishes one full game of Hearthstone on their smart phones will be rewarded with a free classic card pack and this offer is extended to iPad and Android tablets. So say farewell to productivity and the hope of actually getting any work done.

You can download the Hearthstone app for your mobile devices at the iTunes store for iOS 5.1 or later and Google Play for Android 4.0 or later. If it’s not showing for you just yet, be patient. It may take a little while but it is available.


Source: Polygon

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