Hearthstone The Grand Tournament

Hearthstone Sets a Grand Date For the Grand Tournament

The Grand Tournament is arriving in Hearthstone on August 24th!

Hearthstone The Grand Tournament

“Saddle up your steed, sharpen your steel, and prepare to take your place at the merriest of all contests”

Yes, it feels like just yesterday we were watching the IGN teaser and speculating just what Hearthstone could be teasing next. It was fairly obvious, really, but here it is! The Grand Tournament! It’s time to learn the words to the accompanying song (just me?) and get yourselves all warmed up for a whopping 132 brand new cards coming to Blizzard’s explosively popular digital card game available to craft, win, or purchase.

The Grand Tournament brings in an all-new game board – because of course it does – and the new game mechanic, Inspire, as well as the expected jousting and a pretty epic new card back.

The new card packs will be available to purchase in Hearthstone’s in game shop on August 24th in NA and EU for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android alike, and will follow up with a grand release in Asia on August 25th! If you plan to pre-purchase, you better be fast because you will no longer be able to once The Grand Tournament goes live – this is the only way to get your hands on a bunch of new cards at a discounted price and the aforementioned card back.


Don’t run, The Grand Tournament is a merry affair!

And if you aren’t too fussed about pre-purchasing? Not to worry, there are only four days left! Then we can all enjoy new quests – including one to win games in Tavern Brawl, where wins now count towards the Heroes of the Storm mount reward – and bonus chests at the end of each season based on your highest rank reached in Ranked Play.


Source: Hearthstone News Announcement, Patch Notes

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