Hearthstone Update 6.1.3 Bringing Changes to Classic Cards

Several old favorites are seeing some adjustments in Hearthstone Update 8.1.6 according to a new developer blog post.


“In many cases, dusting off old cards can be good for the game, and allow our players to create and expand on new themes, even if they may not have a place in the current meta,” reads the post. In the interests of keeping Hearthstone fresh, Update 6.1.3 will be making some changes to cards in the Classic and Basic sets.

Shamans will see Rockbiter Weapon’s mana cost raise from 1 to 2 in an effort to instigate more variety in basic, and Tuskarr Totemic will now summon only random Basic totems instead of any totem. Call of the Wild is getting a mana raise cost from 8 to 9, Execute a mana cost raise to 2, Charge a mana cost of only 1 down from 3 and Abusive Sergeant will now only have an attack value of 1.

Finally, the “most controversial card ever made” is being changed as well: Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End will stop casting spells if it is destroyed, silenced, transformed or returned to the owner’s hand during its Battlecry. “Yogg should be for players who want to have a lot of fun, but maybe not the card you see frequently in high-level tournaments,” explains the post. “We didn’t want to nerf it so much that it couldn’t still be a fun card for players who currently love Yogg.”

You can read all of the details of Update 8.1.6 here.

Our Thoughts

We’re sure that many people already have opinions on what the changes to these classic cards mean for the overall meta of the game, especially Yogg. We can’t wait for players in-game and on the professional level to adjust to these incoming changes and see what they mean for Hearthstone play.

Your Thoughts

What are your feelings about the changes to these Classic cards? Are you pleased by the adjustment coming to Yogg-Saron, or are you infuriated by them? Be sure to tell us below!

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