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Hero Commander New Update

GTArcade, the publisher of the popular browser MMO League of Angels, has released a new update for Hero Commander. The new patch includes a new playable hero, the Lord of Gods, a powerful wisdom based hero with a deadly area of effect skills.

Hero Commander is a strategic browser based MMORPG from GTArcade. This game implements a lot of city building elements and incorporates them in to a turn based 4X inspired combat.  Fans strategic gameplay, city building and MMORPGs will probably enjoy Hero Commander. For more information on Hero Commander please visit the official GTArcade website.

Hero commander01

From GTA Arcade.

The Lord of Gods is a powerful and boring King from the other world. Most of his powers remain a secret til’ this day; those who have witnessed his might have not lived to tell the tale. Please remember, The Lord of Gods is a fatal and dangerous enemy in the midst of his mortal war with Lighting and Thunder. The Lord of Gods hero has only one stat, so both spell power and trigger rate can be raised by Sapphires(WIS). It is wise to socket Sapphires on the top position (as shown in the figure) to boost his attributes.

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