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Heroes of Bestia Alpha slight delay

Alpha test for Heroes of Bestia slight delay.

Heroes of Bestia, the upcoming Browser-based MMO coming out from IGG, has had its first delay. Fortunately, it is a short 3 day delay to the start of their Alpha for this game. IGG is officially stating that the new launch date for the start of the Alpha testing phase will be on the 29th of October, at 9:00pm EDT (GMT-4). MMOHub was lucky enough to get our hands on 250 (out of 1000) of these Alpha keys, and this delay gives you gamers a few more days to get your hands on a key before they are all gone!

Head over to our forums for your key

Also, IGG has updated the Alpha Key activation information so we’ve listed it here for your convenience.

How to activate your code

  1. Log onto after you get an activation code.
  2. If you already have an IGG account, click “Play Now” to go directly to the activation page.
  3. Click “Activate Game”
  4. You can enter the testing server after you’ve successfully activated the game

If you don’t have an IGG account, you can directly register for an account on the website. Then enter your activation code in the red box.

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