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Heroes of the Storm Echoes of Alterac Event Now Live

Last week, we had a chance to preview the Heroes of the Storm Echoes of Alterac Event, which brings a new set of quests, character, and map to Blizzard’s MOBA. We’re happy to announce that the event is now available and it’s time to choose your faction.

echoes of alterac

In the Echoes of Alterac event, each player will choose to fight for the Alliance or Horde and a faction-specific quest chain will become available. Once you choose a faction there’s no going back and you’ll be able to unlock an exclusive banner, portrait and mount.

In addition to the event, the first ever Warcraft battleground, Alterac Pass, has come to the Nexus. This is a three-lane map with two bosses, a new objectives, and cores have been replaced by iconic generals. Finally, the newest character to enter Heroes of the Storm is the draenei paladin Yrel. Check out our preview article to find out more about Yrel and Alterac Pass.


Our Thoughts

It’s great to see the amount of effort that Blizzard is still pouring into Heroes of the Storm between Nexomania and now Echoes of Alterac. Simply adding new heroes would be status quo, but continuing to create community events and new battlegrounds really takes advantage of the flavor in Blizzard franchises.

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