Heroes of the Storm Challenges Streamers to Tryhard For Good

“Tryhard”. It’s probably one of the stupidest terms to come out of MMO gaming. Mercifully, Heroes of the Storm is taking that word and turning it on its head with Tryhard For Good, a charity drive that challenges some of the best Twitch streamers from Europe and NA to climb the ranks of the MOBA and raise money for two good causes.

tryhard for good

Tryhard For Good has a deceptively simple objective: climb the rungs of the Hero League solo queue ladder. The event will pair up a variety of MOBA-playing Twitch streamers with a coach to learn the ins and outs of Heroes of the Storm play. After a week of coaching, each streamer will have two weeks to claw their way as high as they can go. For each milestone they achieve, Blizzard will be making donations to Make-A-Wish and JA Worldwide.

Streamers participating in the Tryhard for Good drive include former professional League of Legends players William “Scarra” Li and Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani, former LCS pro Kevin “Kev1n” Rubiszewski, and Dota 2 personality and Yogscast member Ted “Pyrion Flax” Forsythe, among others.

Coaching for the NA streamers begins on Tuesday, April 25th with matches due to begin on Tuesday, May 2nd. Dates and information for the EU streams is expected to be announced next week. You can find out more on the official pages for both drives.

Our Thoughts

This is not only an inventive spin on a charity drive, it also sounds like it could make for some compelling Twitch viewing! Climbing the Hero League solo ladder doesn’t sound like a simple feat, so we wish every streamer involved with this drive the very best of luck. Make Heroes of the Storm pay out big!

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