Heroes of the Storm balance

Heroes of the Storm Balances Raynor and Tyrande

Today, Blizzard unleashed a new patch for Heroes of the Storm designed to tone down a few of the over-powered characters while reducing the effects of the stun meta.

Heroes of the Storm

Cleanse is an incredibly powerful talent in Heroes of the Storm that has seen a number of revisions since it was first implemented. Initially, it was considered a must-have ability because it prevented a single hero from being stunned for its duration. The development team eventually considered this to be too strong and instead changed it to remove all active stuns then reduce incoming stuns by 50%. It was still useful, but canceling a stun isn’t nearly as strong as preventing it altogether. Now, however, with the stun-heavy meta, Cleanse is being reverted to grant Unstoppable for 1 second. This should make Cleanse popular once more.

In addition to Cleanse, there were changes to: Lunara, Raynor, Brightwing, Malfurion, Tyrande, and Stitches. Lunara was considered too squishy to reliably deal damage during team fights, which led to an increase in her health pool, regeneration, and Nature’s Toxin damage. Raynor, on the other hand, was simply too tough for the amount of damage he could deal; his health and regeneration were toned down along with a decrease in Penetrating Round’s stun.

Brightwing hasn’t been in a good spot for a few patches, but this patch increased the damage on the Faerie Dragon’s Arcane Flare. Malfurion also saw a small change with an increase to Regrowth’s healing but a slight nerf to Tranquility. Tyrande, however, had a fairly large nerf with a reduction in damage, decrease in healing, and changes to a few talents. Finally, Stitches received a slight buff to slam and auto-attack damage.

Our Thoughts:

Tyrande and Raynor definitely needed to be toned down due to their high pick and win rates, but Stitches and Brightwing could probably use more of a buff than they received. The change to Cleanse was necessary, but it’s unlikely to stick around for long.

Source: Blizzard

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