Heroes of the Storm Breaks Down Changes to the Early Game

Getting the ball rolling in any MOBA match is easily one of the most important steps. so changes to Heroes of the Storm early game mechanics due for 2018 are looking to make that process more meaningful, particularly when it comes to laning.

heroes of the storm early game

As mentioned previously, structures are seeing a couple of big changes with the removal of limited ammunition while reducing structure damage to minions and increasing minion damage. 2018 will also completely remove standalone towers – a move that has already been used in the new Volskaya Foundry map. To compensate, standalone tower stats have been rolled into nearby towers, forts, and keeps to give them a little boost. Forts and keeps will also get the True Sight buff to help players effectively defend against stealthy characters.

Regeneration Globes are also getting tweaked, switching from allied to neutral after three seconds and remaining available for anyone to pick up for an additional three seconds. The idea is to get players to think more strategically about winning lanes as well as giving skilled players the chance to grab more Globes.

On the subject of individual skill, HotS will be simplifying battleground timers to grant players more space to perform before peeling away to contest an objective. Objective spawns will also get a 30 second warning before they appear so players can coordinate strategies on the fly.

Finally, HotS will be making a variety of tweaks to Knight, Hellbat, and Siege Giant Mercenary Camps specifically with unique buffs and debuffs. The devs will also keeping an eye on other Mercenary Camps to ensure they still maintain an impact across through the duration of a full match.

All of the proposed changes can be read on the Heroes of the Storm website.

Our Thoughts

This writer is by no means a MOBA expert, so we’d love to hear your opinions on what these changes mean to you in Heroes of the Storm. Do you agree with the adjustments being made to the early game? Is there something that needs to happen in the other phases of a match? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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