Heroes of the Storm: King Leoric Announced

Though Blizzard has yet to comment, there is strong evidence to believe that King Leoric will release in North America later today.

King Leoric

Players and fans have known about King Leoric’s impending arrival for some time. The third part of a Diablo III-themed patch series, Leoric will mark the third Diablo hero to enter the Void in the last couple months. But a recent post on Blizzard’s Polish HotS page shows that the hero’s arrival might come sooner than expected. Much sooner.


The post, yesterday, has taken the Heroes of the Storm community by storm. In it, Heroes suggests that King Leoric will launch today in North American and tomorrow everywhere else.

Blizzard has been teasing King Leoric for a little over a week. On the 13th, they posted a video preview of him. The video describes him as a “front line bruiser with a unique kit.” He blends “an odd mixture of damage, control, and mobility.” His greatest strength comes when he dies. Instead of waiting to respawn, King Leoric haunts the field, continuing to wreak havoc on enemies. He controls his two abilities to shorten his respawn time. In a pinch, a dead Leoric is sometimes more frightening than a live one.


Source: Facebook

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