Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Matchmaking Update

The Heroes of the Storm development team released a major update to the way matchmaking works last December, and it drastically improved the fairness in Quick Match and Hero League.

Heroes of the Storm

Overall, these changes improved the percent of even teams in matches from 66% to 97%. The key elements that were tweaked included team compositions, party size restrictions, and player experience.

Previously, new players were consistently getting matched up against experienced players, but now only a very small percent of matches put newbies against veterans. Team compositions are also now mirrored, as closely as possible, to make sure both teams have a similar number of tanks and support heroes. A team without a tank or support versus one with both is at a severe disadvantage. Finally, solo players are less frequently matched against full parties and Hero League is consistently grouping players in the top 4 ranks together.

Blizzard is looking at all of the data acquired since these changes and plans to make further improvements. Currently, there is a proposition to limit the number of specific heroes in each match. This list includes: Abathur, Cho’Gall, Lt. Morales, Murky, Nova, and The Lost Vikings. Too many of these heroes in the same Quick Match can lead to a frustrating experience. However, teammates can still queue together with multiple characters from this list.

There have also been complaints about longer queue times. The average wait is now 130 seconds, while it was 80 seconds before the update. Blizzard is fine with these wait times, as long as they don’t continue to rise, as long as it means the quality of matches improves.

Our Thoughts:

Previously, it was highly frustrating to have a team of 5 DPS against a well-rounded composition, or to have 5 solo players matched against a full group. Although these changes have increased queue times, the better experience has definitely been worth the longer wait.

Source: Blizzard

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