Heroes of the Storm Open Beta and Launch Announced

Blizzard made a surprise announcement today not only announcing the starting date for the Heroes of the Storm Open Beta but also the launch! Open beta begins on May 19th and will only last for two short weeks until the popular MOBA launches on June 2nd. Heroes of the Storm brings iconic Blizzard characters from Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo into the battlefield in a free to play online team brawler.

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The launch will be celebrated with a livestreamed event taking place in London on June 1st. More information about it will be revealed as the date approaches. Heroes of the Storm is already making a big impact on the eSports scene, including the college scene and the Heroes of the Dorm championship which just this weekend narrowed down to the top four teams who will play in Los Angeles. The semi finals will take place on April 26th when Boston College will face Arizona State and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign will face University of California, Berkeley. Over $450,000 are on the line in this competition which will wrap up after the semi finals on April 26th.

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