Heroes of the Storm Reveals the Hanamura Map and Genji

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is bringing a lot to the popular MOBA, but today two more additions have been revealed: the Hanamura map and Genji. The two new pieces of content arriving with the ground-shaking update look to bring new mechanics and strategies to HotS.

hanamura map and genji

Unsurprisingly, Genji is an Assassin hero bringing a mixture of short range and melee skills to the table. His Deflect ability will Protect him and throw a kunai at the nearest enemy whenever he blocks, and his Swift Strike skill dashes him forward to deal immense damage in a straight line. His Dragonblade Heroic Ability swipes in a large arc in front of him, while his X-Strike Heroic slashes an enemy twice, then detonates in the area for additional damage.

The Hanamura map is a two lane battleground set within the walls of Shimada Castle. The enemy Cores in Hanamura cannot be directly approached like in Towers of Doom, and instead can only be damaged when a Payload is pushed along a path to a destination. Once the payload arrives, it fires a shell and deals one point of damage to the enemy Core. Players who take out enemy Forts or Keeps will Empower the Payload, dealing an additional point of damage for every Keep or Fort captured.

In addition to the Payload mechanic, several spots on the map offer up Mercenary Camps that can be taken out for various benefits, such as the ability to place a turret or a skill that will release dragon spirits to reveal the nearest three Heroes. Regardless of what type of Mercenary Camp is captured, the team will also receive a large XP boost.

You can find out more about Genji on the official website, and watch a briefing of the Hanamura map in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

While the addition of Genji is certainly interesting, we’re more intrigued by the new Hanamura map. The interplay between pushing attack and playing solid defense could make for some very competitive and hectic games, and balancing payload moving with Mercenary Camp or Fort capture could offer up more strategy than ever before. We can’t wait to see what players think!

Sources: official site , YouTube

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