Heroes of the Storm Reworks Stitches and Sylvanas

It’s time for another set of character reworks for Heroes of the Storm. This time around, it will be two of the first characters introduced in the game: Stitches and Sylvanas. In addition to the hero updates, changes to experience gain, catapults, and armor will be making their way to the Nexus.

Heroes of the Storm

Stitches has been a core tank in Heroes of the Storm since its inception, but his talent tree has been lacking for quite some time. In this update, he’s receiving more of a facelift than a complete rework. The range of his Hook ability is being slightly reduced but additional talents are being added for it, and Slam is receiving the slow effect as a baseline to the ability. Additionally, his passive now applies Vile Gas to enemies attacked instead of releasing it after receiving damage.

On the other hand, Sylvanas is receiving a couple of core gameplay changes, which likely stem from the reduced significance of lane pushing because of the previous updates to tower ammo and now experience gains. First off, Withering Fire now expends all five arrows at once instead of building up charges. Her passive is now an active ability that lasts 10 seconds and stuns all minions, mercenaries, and structures for 3 seconds but it has a 40-second cooldown. Additionally, basic attacks infect enemies with Banshee’s Curse for 3 seconds and heroes with 3 stacks of Banshee’s Curse receive 25 percent bonus damage from Sylvanas. Finally, Mind Control is now a skill shot ability that forces the first enemy hero hit to walk towards Sylvanas while being silenced and slowed.

Heroes of the Storm 2019 updates

The rest of the changes were outlined in the 2019 gameplay update blog, but here is a quick overview. Forts and Keeps will no longer provide experience while tower experience has been decreased by 50 percent and passive experience increased by 15 percent. Destroying a fort will now spawn a catapult every third minion wave, killing enemy mercenaries will reward 100 percent additional experience, and armor will no longer stack with only the highest armor modifier being applied to heroes.

Additionally, a new toy-themed event will take place just in time for the holidays, which will include a slew of new mounts and skins.

Heroes of the Storm


Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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