Heroes of the Storm Shines a Spotlight on Garrosh Hellscream

Have you gotten over your emotions about the arrival of Garrosh to Heroes of the Storm? Good. If you’re the kind of person who’s eager to see the Orc Warchief maul his way through the Nexus, then the recently released Garrosh spotlight is right up your alley.

garrosh spotlight

Garrosh, rather unsurprisingly, is a Warrior character that combines assault with battlefield control in his tactics and his skillset. His Armor Up trait raises his defense in proportion to the amount of health he has missing, while several of his attacks carry a measure of CC such as Wrecking Ball, which tosses a nearby target into a specified location, damaging and slowing them.

Garrosh’s Heroic Abilities continue to pair control with damage, with Warrior’s Challenge causing foes to be Taunted to him for a few seconds and Decimate causing damage and slowing foes hit by the area of effect.

More information about Garrosh can be seen on the Heroes of the Storm site, and a spotlight video of the new arrival can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Garrosh appears to play pretty much how we’d expect him to: hard-charging, full-force, and overall generally making a nuisance of himself. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing how players play as and fight against this new arrival when he launches to the live game.

Source: official site

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