Heroes of the Storm Gul'dan

Heroes of the Storm Teases Gul’dan and Auriel

The prayers of the Heroes of the Storm community have finally been answered: Gul’dan will officially be coming to the Nexus.

Gul’dan has quite possibly been the most requested character for Heroes of the Storm, and he’s finally going to be released. Although there aren’t any official dates yet, we can expect either a mid-July or August release. This will depend entirely on whether Gul’dan or Auriel will be released first.

So far, only two of his abilities have been showcased, which include a small area-of-effect debuff and a large radius fear effect. It’s likely that Gul’dan will fill the specialist role, but assassin is always possible as well.

In addition to Gul’dan’s appearance, Auriel will be unexpectedly joining Blizzard’s MOBA. While not exactly the most popular Diablo character, or even angel, Auriel will be filling a support role, which is desperately needed.

The last true support released for Heroes of the Storm was Lt. Morales back in October, 2015. Of course, Medivh sort of fills a support role, but he’s more used for utility than healing. Oddly enough, no healing abilities were shown for Auriel, and instead she has a skillshot knockback/stun and close-ranged fire attack.

In addition to the two new heroes, a number of new skins were also revealed including: Master Auriel, Master Gul’dan, Balespider Gul’dan, Demonic Auriel, Mystic Kingsdoms Arthas, Spellbreaker Johanna, Striker Li-Ming. Finally, there will be five new mounts: Crimson Hare, Obsidian Cyber Wolf, Demonic Hellsteed, Elemental Lizard, and Epic Elemental Lizard.

Our Thoughts:

Although we are excited for Gul’dan’s release, Auriel is the character that we find more intriguing. It’s been a long time since there was a true support added to Heroes of the Storm and this could mean a slight shift in the meta. There are so few supports, and each one brings something completely different, which means that every time a new one is introduced it makes waves.

Source: Battle.net


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