Heroes of the Storm Unveils Blaze the Firebat

Hey, you remember the Firebat units in StarCraft, right? The ones that had sweet flamethrowers? Well one of them is headed to Heroes of the Storm. His name is Blaze and he has been revealed as the latest HotS hero, bringing his pyromaniacal tendencies to the Tank roster.

HotS hero

Blaze is a ranged tank with power in area denial and sustained damage. As one would expect with someone who brings flamethrowers to a fight, his attacks are mostly geared to striking multiple enemies at once.

Blaze’s trait, Pyromania, is a core factor of his play. Pyromania grants Blaze 25 armor and hurts nearby enemies every second for four seconds. The trait has a 90 second cooldown, but that cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds for every enemy his Q ability, Flame Stream, hits.

In addition, he can lay down oil slicks that slow enemies and can be set ablaze, while his Heroics call down a protective Bunker that allies can enter and fire flamethrowers from and a large PBAoE that hurts and slows foes caught in its blast.

You can get a full rundown of all of Blaze’s abilities on his hero page as well as take a look at him in blazing action in the Spotlight video below.

Our Thoughts

Who wouldn’t want to tank fights with flamethrowers? In all honesty, Blaze’s kit looks pretty interesting and seems to be a Hero choice for those who like a more hard-charging and aggressive style of tanking. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how this character takes on battles in the Nexus.

Source: press release

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