Hot Wheels Set Lets You Play Rocket League IRL

I love watching Rocket League as an esport and always like to envision what it would be like to spectate a match of vehicular football in real life. Unfortunately, real life Rocket League isn’t quite here yet, but a Hot Wheels Rocket League set is coming that lets you play a form of the game with toys, which is pretty darn close.

hot wheels rocket league set

The Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals set isn’t just a mouthful of a toy name, but also a way for folks to play a form of IRL Rocket League. The set comes with two remote control vehicles, a ball, and an Arena Mat to duel on. The cars themselves are controlled via free downloadable smartphone apps that are available on either iOS or Android.

In addition, the set will include DLC codes for the Rocket League game: a Hot Wheels Goal Explosion; a Hot Wheels RC Rivals Topper that features the toy in action; and two RC Rivals Decals for the Battle Cars that are featured in the set.

This unique collectible will be available at Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and Target in North America this coming November 1st, and will set you back a cool $179.99.

Our Thoughts

Okay, so there are a few things that just can’t translate to real life terribly well, but this method of bringing Rocket League into meatspace is a pretty darn good trade-off. Seriously, it’s actually pretty cute.

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