House of Wolves Trailer: A Step in the Right Direction

Bungie released a new trailer for Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion yesterday. House of Wolves is Destiny’s most ambitious expansion yet, promising dozens of hours of new content–from items and collectibles to new game modes and maps.

The Trailer


Here is a list of everything in the trailer:

  • New story quests
  • New multiplayer maps
  • New weapons
  • New gear
  • A new social space
  • New Activities


House of Wolves will introduce several new weapons and armor. From the footage shown, a lot of the armor will be Ancient Egyptian-themed. There are several new guns, too, including (what looks like) a few new sub-machine guns and a rocket launcher. The expansion will also include a new social space called the Vestian Outpost. Though details about the outpost have not been released, the space looks fantastic.

There are also new story missions, four new Crucible maps, a new Crucible elimination gametype, a new Strike, and a new cooperative arena activity called the Prison of Elders. New game maps include Black Shield on Phobos, Widow’s Court on Earth, and Thieves’ Den on Venus. Furthermore, House of Wolves will increase the maximum weapon Attack Power to 365 and introduce the Trials of Osiris.


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