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Hover Through the Secret World With the Hover-Tech Stealthboard

Zoom zoom! Who was that, you ask? Oh, it was just Catchy on her hoverboard! Unfortunately hoverboards have yet to surface in the market of our real lives. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy their awesomeness in the Secret World though!

The Secret World Hoverboard

Yes, you heard that right; hoverboards were just introduced to the Secret World. So now, for the first time ever, you can zoom around on the Hover-Tech Stealthboard. Not only will you feel amazing when using this board, it also gives you the unique Veil-Mode ability, which allows you to cloak from enemies for a short time and lose aggro!

Unfortunately, you can’t hide from your foes forever. Veil-Mode lasts for only twenty seconds and will hide you from most enemies. However, enemies who ambush you or spawn as part of a mission (so missions do not break) will still be able to see you. It’s still some nifty tech to stealthily get away from your enemies when you don’t feel like fighting them. The Hover-Teach Stealthboard can be used in all of the outdoor game zones, except for Fusang.

The hoverboard is a Premium Vehicle, however, so you’ll have to get it from the Item Store if you want to hover through your Secret World life.

I think it’s worth it though. Just check out the hoverboard’s sweet moves in the video below and I doubt you can disagree with me on the matter!

Source: The Secret World Official Website

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