Huge Nerf Coming To Shotguns in Destiny

In Destiny’s latest newsletter it was confirmed that a massive change to shotguns will be coming shortly.


Now that the PvP weapon meta has began to settle in Destiny, senior designer Jon Weisnewski is looking to dial back shotguns. In particularly, changes are coming to remove the Shot Package perk from all shotguns and replace it with Close and/or Personal, Crowd Control, or Knee Pads. While this will have virtually no impact on PvE, it should have drastic effects on Crucible PvP.

“One piece of community feedback that has been unanimous is that the changes to Shotgun perks were not enough to curb their lethality at extreme ranges in the Crucible. The prevalence of Shot Package on almost every long-range Shotgun has effectively redefined the close-quarters combat experience. Going forward, we’ll continue to dial in Shotgun range,” Weisnewski said.

For those unfamiliar with the Shot Package perk, it narrows the spread of projectiles when aiming. While this obviously sounds like something shotguns need, it is doing its job too well. With Shot Package, any high-end shotgun can essentially one-shot anyone in the game from a decent range. When a shotgun is more effective at medium range than a scout or pulse rifle, there’s something off with the balance.

Weisnewski doesn’t expect shotguns to go away in the Crucible, as each class can easily close gaps, but now players will have to be smarter about how they use them. Furthermore, Shot Package is simply receiving a re-calibration and will likely return in a later update.

Source: Bungie

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