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I’m sure most people are getting sick of seeing the same MOBAs constantly being rehashed, however, CWAVEsoft is trying something different this time around. Instead of using three lanes, Hyper Universe is a side-scrolling, action MOBA.

Players bored with the typical point-and-click MOBAs might want to follow Hyper Universe for a fresh look at the genre. The first full-length trailer for the game came out last week and the focus appears to be on fast-paced combat, with little breaks in the action. Things definitely look intense, but putting too much emphasis on button mashing might put off the MOBA community. Additionally, many of the characters, called Hypers, appear to be inspired from other games or pop culture, such as Street Fighter, Power Rangers, Gundam and Ninja Gaiden. Some will find this entertaining, while others could take it as a rip off.

Hyper Universe isn’t the first MOBA to utilize side-scrolling action. Awesomenauts was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC back in 2012 and combines MOBA strategy with a 2D platformer. Hyper Universe looks to take things one step further and has even hinted at boss raids and other challenges not normally associated with the MOBA genre.

Alpha testing for Hyper Universe begins in Korean on September 9 and ends September 13. Currently, there’s no information regarding a Western release.

Source: FreeMMOStation, Nexon

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