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Jagex Increasing Members Cost for RuneScape

RuneScape fans might be letting out a disgruntled sigh today. It’s never pleasing to hear about prices going up, but it’s the way of the world. Today Jagex announced that the price of members will be going up. In a slightly vague official post, Jagex has stated the increase will occur sometime in quarter one of 2015. It is unknown at this time by how much the price will be increasing but it will affect new members as well as members who have been unsubscribed for more than 14 days.

RuneScape 3

From Jagex

“If you’re a member when the price rise happens, you’ll see no change. You’ll stay at your price as long as your active membership started before the date of the price rise. This applies for all previous grandfather rates, for those of you who’ve been subscribed for a long time. Should your membership end, you’ll keep any lower price you’re eligible for, as long as you resubscribe within 14 days. After that, though, you’ll be moved to the new price.

Premier Club sign-ups will open from 1st of December, which offer a great way to lock in your membership price and pick up a massive pack of rewards while you’re at it. We’ve got big plans for RuneScape in 2015, as Mod Mark showed you at RuneFest, and we’ll be putting more power than ever into your hands – developing your most popular ideas as content updates. First and foremost, our aim is to keep giving you awesome RuneScape content, and the very best value for your membership.”

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