Jagex is Taking Your Suggestions For RuneScape


Announced during Runefest last October, RuneScape’s newest community feature launches today. Runelabs gives the player an opportunity to interact with the community and change the game world forever. Users can submit ideas via Runelab and others will vote on them. Each month Jagex will be looking for something specific. The suggestions that garner the best reception from the community will be implemented in to the game. To coincide with the launch of Runelabs, Jagex has released a short video outlining the submission process.

For more information Runelabs, please visit the official website for complete details.

From Jagex

Each month we are looking for project suggestions that fit within certain criteria. The top supported suggestions that fit within these criteria will go to a Player Power Poll and the winner will be added to the game. Please keep this in mind when supporting suggestions, but don’t let it put you off from suggesting ideas that don’t currently fit, as there will be different criteria each month.

In January, we’ll be looking for medium-sized projects – something like the Kalphite King, Guthixian Caches and Shadow over Ashdale. As long as it’s medium-sized, it can be any sort of game content.

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