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John Smedley Launches First Kickstarter Campaign of His New Company

Remember when we reported on ex-Daybreak CEO John Smedley starting a new company? Well, that company is officially operating under the name of Pixelmage Games, which was founded by a group of industry veterans who’ve made a lot of games you have either played or heard of. What’s more is that they just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first game; Hero’s Song!

John Smedley Launches First Kickstarter Campaign

Hero’s Song is an open world rogue-like fantasy game with a beautiful 2D pixel art styles. In the game, players can create epic fantasy worlds unique shaped by their choices, the power of the gods, and thousands of years of history. Become a legendary hero in a dangerous and mysterious world of magic and monsters, and explore endless dungeons and ancient cities in search of knowledge, treasure, and the power of the gods. Hero’s Song is fit for hardcore gamers in the fact that its combat is dangerous and has very real consequences, including the chance of permanent death. Friendly fire is always defaulted to “on”, so if you aren’t precise, you might just accidentally kill your allies.

Hero’s Song currently has 7 races revealed on their Kickstarter page, but many more are to come. With even more classes, you’re sure to have a lot of potential combinations to go through before you’ve tried out everything. From a Bard to a Beast Master, Hero’s Song has it all. The game is indeed multiplayer and has a crafting system and a strong tie-in with magic.


With big names involved such as best-selling fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss, popular Twitch streamer CohhCarnage and award-winning composer Inon Zur, Hero’s Song is a game you definitely want to be a backer of. They’re hoping to raise $800,000 for it, so let’s hope they can make it! Make sure you head over to the official Kickstarter page if you wish to donate or find out more about the game.


Our Thoughts

Pixelmage Games already has some of the most capable and experienced people in the industry working for it, but with the addition of Patrick Rothfuss, CohhCaarnage and Inon Zur to their Hero’s Song team, the game is going to be absolutely epic. We can’t wait to learn more about it!

Source: Hero’s Song Kickstarter

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