Karos Online gets Paladins!

Karos Online gets Paladins!

Seoul, Korea —œ

Friday, January 22nd 2010 —œ News from NHN Corporation today about the update that Karos Online players have been waiting for: the Paladin is coming to Asmara! The

Karos Online forums have been buzzing for weeks about the arrival of the next character class, and NHN has now confirmed that the Paladin will be part of next week’s game

update along with a host of bug fixes and improvements to the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. Karos Online is currently in open beta, and available to download and play now at


Paladins are a female class of Humans with natural toughness and resilience, which makes them strong defenders in close combat. They

are formidable warriors, able to wear their opponents down with melee damage while providing healing and protection to allies. As with other classes in Karos Online, a Paladin

can specialise into different careers at level 15: she can rally her group with protective buffs as a Defender, or become a Holy Knight radiating powerful defensive


The Paladin joins the previously announced classes of Blader (two-handed melee attacks), Rogue (dual-wielded attacks), Bowmistress (ranged

missile attacks), Mystic (ranged magical attacks) and Sorceress (magical attacks and debuffs). More details and features will be unveiled as Karos Online draws closer to

commercial launch.

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