Kinetic: Skyforge’s New Class Looks Awesome

Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team have revealed the latest class in Skyforge: the master of gravity, the Kinetic.

The Kinetic

The Kinetic class is a ranged class that seems to break the traditional tropes of rangers. They control the laws of physics to do amazing feats on the battlefield. Kinetics are capable of using gravity to destroy foes. They also have powers that enable them to rip colossal stones from the ground and hurtle them at enemies. Kinetics use physics to protect themselves, using the very magnetic fields of Aelion to restrict enemy movement or to encase themselves and allies in protective gravitational barriers.

From the official blog:

Nothing can stop gravity, not even the gods. It is a force of great power, and those Immortals among us who are able to harness its power and put it to noble use are capable of changing the world for the better. More than anyone, these celestial beings understand that at some point as they face their enemies head-on, there may be nothing left but the laws of the physical world and desperate courage.


For more information of the Kinetic class, including abilities and play styles, see the new article about the class on the official Skyforge website.

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