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Kings of Nations MMO launching in Spanish

On January 1, TK Digital launches a Spanish version of their browser based MMO game Kings of Nations. “The English version of the game has until now proven to reach our expectations, so now it is time to make the game available to an even broader audience. Kings of Nations is highly relevant to localize because it, due to its relatively simple game play, not only targets hard core players, but to a high extend targets more casual gamers, to whom playing in their own language increases their sense of accessibility to a game. In this way we increase the total number of potential players to the game, which is good, both for us, but also for the players.” Says Zhang Gang, Director of the Overseas Department in TK Digital.

Reyes de Naciones, which will be the Spanish game title, will have a Spanish entry site, and game messages, while the community will be shared with international players. Kings of Nations can be played from the official website.

About Kings of Nations

Reyes de Naciones is a strategy game. Each player decides to represent either the Eastern Civilization or the Western Civilization and begins with one main city, a Central Government and the most necessary resources. To increase one power and wealth, a player must think strategically and become allies with some players in order to fight others. In the Central Government, players can build different constructions, and develop new technologies. All the time, players have to find the right balance between maintaining an economic development and improving their military forces. When a player reputation reaches the required level, the player can set up his or her own country and command the player underlings to attack the kingdom enemies.

Kings of Nations has an AI system and battle scene. Players can command your army and decide its tactic when you are online. When players are offline, the AI system will help.

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