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Kirin Tor Hotfix Applied to World of Warcraft

If you’ve been experiencing the very odd matter of needing four Kirin Tor World Quests and only getting two or three, then this news should make you happy. As of yesterday, the devs applied a Kirin Tor hotfix that grants everyone credit.

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The Kirin Tor World Quests began to see complaints of missing steps this past Saturday, with multiple players reporting either only two or three quests at maximum available to them. Despite a few who were able to get all of the requirements, the devs applied a hotfix that hands everyone a completed Kirin Tor Emissary quest regardless of how far along they were.

All that has to be done is to simply log in and receive your chest, though the devs did state that there still might be some issues. “This change won’t be reflected in the UI until at least two world quests are completed and even then, there may be some inconsistencies,” reads the QA post. “Fixing the UI is going to require a new build at some point but we thought it would be more important to get everyone their rewards!”

Our Thoughts

Swift response overall from the World of Warcraft devs on this matter. We certainly hope that future World Quests won’t be experiencing any other problems, as these hiccups can be pretty dismaying for players.

Your Thoughts

Do you think the devs handled this matter well? Did you experience any issues with the Kirin Tor World Quests? Tell us your experiences in our comments.

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