Kritika Online Closed Beta Test Gets a Start Date

The high-speed action of Kritika Online is heading to the West and the first step of that journey now has a date. The Kritika Online closed beta test will grant players their first opportunity to play the MMO as well as test how the game runs for players in the region.

kritika online closed beta

The announcement arrives with a totally revamped website for the game, complete with information about the game’s four classes and the option to purchase Founder’s Packs.

The packs come in three different variants and offer in-game goodies such as titles, game store currency, Elite Status, and early access to the game when it launches as well as guaranteed closed beta access. Of course, buying a pack is not required to get beta access as sign-ups are still being taken to be considered for the test.

Closed beta will begin on Wednesday, May 24th. You can find more information on the official website, and check out a new announcement trailer below.

Our Thoughts

Kritika Online looks like an incredibly fun game and we are absolutely looking forward to getting some hands-on time with the game off of the PAX East show floor. Here’s hoping the game makes a strong impression as well as has an effective test.

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