Kritika Online Unleashes Closed Beta

If you’ve been curious at all about the action MMO Kritika Online but would rather like some hands-on testing time, then that time is now. The Kritika Online closed beta test is now underway, granting those who have signed up access to the online brawl-em-up.

kritika online closed beta test

Closed beta testing will run from now until Tuesday, June 13th. The game’s current build gives full access to the four character types, progression systems, and rooms full of enemies to carve up or blow away in flashy anime style.

Closed beta is still available for those who buy one of three different Founder’s Packs, or for those who sign up to the waiting list for consideration. You can also check out a new story trailer for the MMO below.

Our Thoughts

There are certainly a lot of assumptions about what Kritika Online is exactly, so those who have signed up can now get their hands into this interesting MMO and give it a shot themselves. Of course, you can also check out our pre-beta impressions piece if you’re still not quite so sure about whether Kritika Online should be something to watch.

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