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Landmark Quality of Life Update

Sony Online Entertainment has been busy at work with their new Sandbox MMORPG, Landmark. The past month has brought a variety of new features to the game. Most of the new enhanmcnets where quality of life improvements. Some of the highlights have been listed below. For complete patch notes for the new Landmark update, please visit the official website.


  • Multi-Threaded Rendering
    • MTR is now turned on by default. On systems with slower CPUs, lower resolutions, or systems with very fast video cards the difference is more noticeable.
    • Basically on any machine where the game is CPU limited there should be a performance increase. However, we’ve done a lot of CPU optimizations over the last couple months, so the game is usually GPU limited for most configurations now.
  • SLI Landmark now supports SLI! You should see a performance increase when running in High or Ultra.


  • You can now set waypoints on the map for yourself! With the map open, press CTRL + Left Click to place a way point. This will stay on the map, and in the world until you remove it (or you zone / logout.) You can place up to five waypoints at a time, and they can be removed by CTRL + Left Clicking the icon again.
  • In an effort to solidify and concentrate the options when using Building tools, we’re introducing the first iteration of our Modal Tool bar.
    • The way it works, is that a secondary tool bar will appear over your normal Action Bar, any time you equip a Building Tool.
    • This bar lists the Options that each tool has, and displays the keybinding that activates them.
    • We’re still iterating on this system, so expect to see it expand (to Props, in particular) and iterate over the coming weeks. We look forward to your feedback!
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