Last Chance To Claim Your EVE Online Christmas Gift Pack

Are you an EVE Online player? If you are then you would know that CCP are always giving away in-game items. This holiday season is no different, CCP are giving away a wide range of gift packs to all their players. With a huge selection of different packs, capsuleers are able to pick a gift pack that suits their character perfectly. Don’t get socks when you can get a small stack of Thrasher’s! 

MMO Games EVE Online Screenshot

Gifts aren’t being handed out just yet, but we are close, gifts will become redeemable on December 22nd, 2011. Players must claim their gift by the end of December 21st, meaning you only have one day left to claim your free gift pack! It’s one per account, so those who are running alt accounts don’t forget to keep that in mind. Double up on one pack or combine two to get the most out of your free goodies. Don’t hesitate, click the link below to claim your gift.

Visit the EVE Online 2011 Holiday Gift page to claim yours!

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