Latest Dreadnought Production Update Discusses Recent Changes

The latest Dreadnought production update discusses recent changes which have been made to the game as a result of the ongoing closed beta test period. In particular, stability issues have been addressed that were only discovered thanks to a large player load.

Latest Dreadnought Production Update Discusses Recent Changes


The production update begins by explaining that feedback from testers, and numeric data collected during testing, has been instrumental in identifying and eliminating bugs. The most serious bug that was identified was a memory problem, wherein the resources that the server allocated to handle an instanced match continued to be used even after the match was concluded. Over a period of a few hours, the server would bog down until a reset was required. Of the issue, Frank Lucero, Senior Producer for the game, states “It’s an issue that we wouldn’t have been able to identify if it weren’t for the massive amount of players in the game—so thank you for helping us fix it!”

They are also paying close attention to numeric data collected during the beta as well; the types of ships players prefer and in particular which types are the most popular for which content, how quickly players rank up, and so on; “This is hugely beneficial at this early stage of beta because it helps us determine what to address as we plan and roll out more improvements to the game”, Lucero states. The post concludes by stating that the beta will continue for “a few more months” to collect further data and squish further bugs.

Our Thoughts:

Thorough beta testing has almost become a novelty in the gaming world, which is lamentable; as explained in the very post we’re discussing here, beta testing exists for a purpose, and a few months spent now can save a world of headaches, retroactive patches, and player complaints later.

Source: Dreadnought Production Update

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