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League of Angels II Hires “Wonder Woman” Star Gal Gadot as Spokesperson

We, apparently, have not been paying very rapt attention to teases coming about the new League of Angels II spokesperson announcement. Yet here we are with the revelation that “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot will be the new spokesperson for the browser-based MMO.

league of angels ii spokesperson

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Leveraging the excitement of the upcoming superheroic movie’s release, League of Angels II has confirmed Gal Gadot’s role as their spokesperson after a teaser posted on their Facebook page hinted at the possibility on Saturday, May 20th. The teaser in question features descriptors of Gadot as a person with characteristics like “warrior”, “charm”, “beauty” and “Martial training make her strong”.

Not much is fully known beyond this new reveal, though the teaser infers that some sort of live-action trailer for League of Angels II is in the works starring Gadot. A behind-the-scenes video featuring Gadot and the dev team is expected from League of Angels II as a result of the announcement post getting over 200 Likes.

Our Thoughts

Well, if Dolph Lundgren can star for World of Tanks and Steven Seagal can star for World of Warships, then who’s to say that Gal Gadot can’t star for League of Angels II? What’s are your impressions on this reveal?

Source: Facebook via FreeMMOStation

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