League of Legends Unveils its Newest Champion

Nothing is more beloved in video games than the phrase that warns against looking too hard at monsters unless you become one. Such is the fate of Kai’Sa, the newest League of Legends champion unveiled by the MOBA today.


Kai’Sa’s been through a lot, apparently; trapped within the Void, Kai’Sa has survived her ordeal by forming a symbiotic second skin with a Void creature. She returns as the Daughter of the Void, using her newfound powers to attack lanes and structures and cores for some reason.

Kai’Sa’s passives see her building Plasma marks with her basic attacks that eventually erupt with additional damage and gaining evolved abilities based on stat gains from shop items or experience level. Kai’Sa operates at range, with an ability that reveals the first foe hit through the fog of war, a skill that improves her attack speed, and an Ultimate that dashes near a Plasma-marked champion and grants her a shield.

As one would expect, Kai’Sa works her best when she’s isolating a single target and can find herself in trouble if she gets too deep in enemy lines. If you’re the sort who likes that sort of playstyle – or are looking to see how best to counter this new threat – you can check out more details on LoL’s website.

Our Thoughts

Kai’Sa looks and sounds like an excellent harasser, though it also sounds like she might be tough to play her effectively. Are you intrigued by the new champion arrival? Do you think there’s someone in the LoL roster that fits this role already? Let us know what you think below.

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