Leaked New World Video Summarizes the MMO’s Setting

Looks like the “accidental” drip feed continues. Another New World leak has been sighted online, offering what appears to be the opening pieces of a longer video, detailing the general setting of the upcoming MMO and a broad overview of the activities players can expect.

new world leak

According to the video, the setting of New World is one where “superstition is fact and monsters are real” in an alternate-reality version of colonial America. The video makes mention of the world’s inclusion of eldrich powers, alchemy and other forms of fantasy magic, and mentions that players can use charms, words of power and other relics to defend themselves. There is also mention of protecting player settlements from both supernatural and player-bandit threats, or simply striking out into the world to discover cursed lands.

The video is another posting by Redditor conquistad, who provided another leak earlier this month. In that video, a quick look at group play was offered and appears to be another piece of the presumed complete features trailer.

You can take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

Our Thoughts

Honest leak? Internal and intentional hype-stirring? Utter claptrap? It’s hard to really say, but the fact that pieces of a full video with similar production values and narration are appearing to the New World subreddit seem to suggest this is all a little…staged, maybe. We’re not complaining, though; we’re looking forward to learning more about New World.

Source: New World subreddit

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