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The Legion Invasion Takes Over Azeroth Today

It’s patch day in World of Warcraft, and you know what that means! The Legion Invasion has begun. Patch 7.0 goes live in-game today, bringing the Burning Legion back to Azeroth.

Legion Invasions

I don’t think you’re gonna fit through that door…

Patch 7.0 goes live in-game today, bringing the Burning Legion back to Azeroth with a new Scenario taking you to the Broken Shore to fend off the demon attack. This will be available for all characters above level 98 and also sees the beginning of the Demon Invasions across Azeroth. Any character above level 10 can take part in these.

But of course, today is the day that players finally get their hands on the new Demon Hunter class – that is if you pre-ordered a digital copy of the Legion expansion, of course. You will play through the new starting experience, similar to that of the Death Knight, in Mardum and the Vault of the Wardens and then be sent off to your faction’s capital city.

Taking part in the Scenario and various Invasions can reward you with some nice event-exclusive weapon and armor skins, as well as a toy and a mini-pet. You can read more about this stuff over on MMO Champion.


Our Thoughts

It’s patch day, patch day, kill the Legion, paaatch day… WoW expansions are exciting, okay? And Legion is shaping up to be one with a lot of expectation. We’ve spent two expansions away from home and it feels good to be handling our own problems again, and the Legion Invasion is just the beginning of that. We can’t wait! Genuinely.

Your Thoughts

Will you be rolling a Demon Hunter right away? Or are you going straight for the Broken Shore scenario and the Legion Invasions?

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