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Legion Q&A at Gamescom Discusses End Game Content

A Legion Q&A session held at Gamescom is focused on the harder spectrum of end-game, with the discussion talking about Mythic+ dungeons, a mini-raid and more.


Patch 7.1 and end-game was the focus of the Q&A session, with talk about the mini-raid that will cap off the Stormheim storyline, the return to Karazhan, Mythic+ content and Legendaries.

The “mini-raid” refers not to the size of the group so much as the amount of bosses, with no details offered yet on difficulty or where the mini-raid sits in terms of tier. According to the Q&A, the idea of tiering is a purely player-made construct and so no information about where this new content fell could be offered.

The return to Karazhan is referred to as a “mega” five-player dungeon that plays a significant role in the Legion storyline, with the content said to be “the biggest single-player dungeon that has been made” for World of Warcraft yet.

The Q&A also brought up Mythic+ which will release with raids, some details about Artifacts and their progression in Legion, and insight in to class feel going in to level 110. The QUA session can be viewed at WoWhead here, and Blizzard have released a high-definition trailer for the return to Karazhan which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

We haven’t even gotten to Legion’s full launch yet, and here we are talking about 7.1, which ideally should alleviate some of the complaints about content drought in World of Warcraft. The new Mythic+ keystones sound like a very long ride, but then players are likely no stranger to this revelation. This Q&A was quite informative and has a lot for WoW players to chew on.

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts about the new Mythic+ content? What sort of end-game do you enjoy in World of Warcraft? Is there something you wish Blizzard would do with its end-game instead of Mythic+ and new raids? Give us your thoughts below.

Source: Wowhead

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